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Kids come first at Pediatric Therapy Clinic

Every parent has hopes and dreams for their child, and those who have children with therapeutic needs are no different. That’s why at Pediatric Therapy Clinic we celebrate the uniqueness of every child as we create a tailored treatment plan designed just for them. We are specialists in speech therapy and focus on custom solutions that work for your child and you.

The SPEECH Therapy Experts

Effective speech therapy involves a strong commitment and a solid understanding of the unique requirements of children with speech and language delays or problems. Our Bozeman speech therapists utilize their expertise, knowledge, and experience to help children achieve success in areas like as articulation, language comprehension, social communication, and feeding and swallowing.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) advocates for speech therapy as an evidence-based strategy. It is adaptable, goal-oriented, and intended to assist every learner reach their best possible outcome.

Speech therapy includes a variety of strategies to assist your child in achieving his or her individual goals. For example, our therapists may assist your child with improving speech, language understanding, and social communication skills. Our therapists engage your kid in learning by using play-based activities and positive reinforcement that encourage and mold their behavior.

Your child’s needs will decide how much time they spend with their speech therapist and where they get therapy. Effective speech therapy can take place in a variety of places, including our clinic, your home, or your child’s school, depending on what is most useful and convenient. Your child’s plan will be developed by a speech-language pathologist (SLP), who will consider the optimal therapy sites. Depending on your school’s and your insurance company’s rules, the therapist may be permitted to give services in the classroom to assist academic and social achievement.

A qualified and licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) is responsible for overseeing a high-quality speech therapy program. When considering speech therapy services, make sure your practitioner is ASHA certified. Certification ensures that your provider is providing evidence-based, ethical, and high-quality care for your kid.

SLPs are specialist health practitioners who hold graduate degrees in speech-language pathology and are certified by the ASHA. They do early and ongoing examinations, provide treatment recommendations, create tailored therapy plans, and offer ongoing parent education and training.

At Pediatric Therapy Clinic, an SLP will lead your child’s treatment team, conducting initial and continuing evaluations, making treatment recommendations, designing tailored therapy plans, and providing continuous parent education and training. Your SLP will offer personalized suggestions for the amount of supervision and therapy your child’s program needs. You may anticipate to communicate often with your child’s SLP about objectives, interventions, teaching tactics, progress, and any questions or concerns you may have.

The SLP also supervises therapy helpers or aides, who may help administer your child’s direct treatment hours under the SLP’s strict supervision. These assistants must follow ethical standards and receive continual training and supervision.This team of qualified experts and paraprofessionals will collaborate to ensure your kid receives the best treatment possible.For additional information about certification, please visit

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Speech Language Pathologist

Rooted in personal experience and ignited by her love for kids, Karly has been a speech-language pathologist since 2019. Karly completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Montana State University and went on to earn a Master’s in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at the University of Montana. Her final graduate internship brought her to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego where she stayed and expanded her clinical training for four years. A Montana native, Karly was thrilled to return to Bozeman to serve her community and empower individuals with communication differences and diverse learning styles. Karly enjoys working closely with families to provide home programming and education that promotes generalization of progress and confidence beyond the clinic   

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